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Your Guide to #NationalTequilaDay in Denver

If you didn't already know, National Tequila Day is on Friday, July 24th! In case you need an excuse to drink tequila, here you go! Here are my favorite spots to sip on a cold margarita or take tequila flights - in no specific order!

1. Chuy's

Of course Chuy's did not originate in Denver, but they have locations throughout the metro area and, WOW, their margaritas are delicious - so delicious that they are considered "world famous"! They added a new, refreshing Frozen Watermelon Rita to their menu that is perfect for summer sippin'. On top of it all, they are offering $5 Don Julio Shots and $1 Floaters on National Tequila Day as well.

2. Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Fuzzy's is known for their huge margaritas topped with a Corona, but they've now added another great addition to their menu this summer and that's the Lime Selzerita! This huge (and strong) margarita is topped with a Lime White Claw that empties into the margarita as you drink it! They're also offering queso flights as a part of their Summer Fridays specials to pair with your margarita for a limited time only.

3. Cochino Taco

Cochino opened up their first location in Englewood and was easily a neighborhood favorite. They serve great, innovative and fun food - along with some pretty delicious margaritas as well! They opened their second location on Broadway and have a HUGE patio that is perfect for margarita sippin'. My favorite? The Ricky Bobby Rita! It's topped with a Jarritos lemon-lime soda! You can also sub the tequila for mezcal (but it's National Tequila Day so probably don't unless you're feeling extra rebellious).

4. Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

I know you wouldn't expect a Burger spot to have BOMB margaritas, but they do! Their Bad Ass Rocks Margarita is one of the best in Denver. It's strong, so strong that they have a limit of 2 per guest! It's also really delicious (I could easily drink more than 2, but you'd have to carry me home). They're doing to-go drinks too! Check on their website to find your nearest location.

5. Kachina Cantina

This fun spot is located right downtown and has some AMAZING food to pair with some AMAZING margaritas. One of my favorites on the menu is the Jalapeno Cucumber margarita because it's so refreshing! They are also offering a deal on National Tequila Day - get 50% off tequila flights, both to-go or dine-in! I absolutely love their ceviche and their salsa if you need a bite to go along with your booze.

How do you like your tequila? Plain, flavored, frozen or on the rocks? No matter how you like it, these spots will provide! CHEERS and as always, drink responsibly! 21+

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