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MouCo Cheese: Flavor Profiles & Best Pairings

If you haven’t heard of MouCo Cheese Company yet, I’m sure you’re wondering what they’re all about. This local cheesery is one of my new favorites. They've been around since 2001 and are based in Fort Collins. The cheesery produces authentic Bavarian cheeses with a unique “Colorado” twist. All of their cheeses are bursting with flavor and dangeoursly delicious. One taste and you’ll never go back.  

Pro tip: MouCo is offering a BOGO coupon right now that can be used at local Whole Foods, Safeway or King Soopers stores, so it’s easy to stock up! Click here to claim yours. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “which of their awesome cheeses do I try first?”. Check out my review of each cheese below to help you become a MouCo pro. Camembert

The Camembert is their flagship cheese. It was the first cheese that MouCo started producing. It reminds me of a Brie cheese. When the cheese is young, it can have a firmer texture. As it ages it develops a buttery/nutty flavor and softens in the middle. It can easily be spread on a slice of toasted baguette with some delicious fruit jam or with apple. The flavor is smooth and consistent. Truffello This soft-ripened cheese has specks of black truffle in it to give it a delicious (yet subtle) earthy flavor. As the cheese ages, the truffle flavor becomes more noticeable. I am a huge truffle fan - so this cheese really spoke to me. I like to put it on a water cracker with honey or melt it on top of a burger topped with arugula and carmalized onion. Pepbert To make this delicious cheese, MouCo starts with the classic Camembert and adds whole, green peppercorns. The result is a smooth, buttery cheese that has a peppery finish. It’s delicious by itself or on a water cracker. It’s awesome on a burger or on a steak salad. Colorouge With a brilliantly natural reddish-orange rind, the Colorouge truly stands out! This cheese is not only unique in appearance, but flavor too. This red smear cheese is creamy and robust. You can pair it with a spicy capicola or smear it on top of a cracker. Ashley This cheese can be distinguished by it’s dark colored rind. The reason for the color is it’s covered in a thin layer of vegetable ash (which is edible!). This is a very tart cheese that grows more complex with age. The texture is smooth and creamy. I enjoy with olives and crackers. Now that you have a good understanding of each of MouCo’s cheeses, it’s time to go try it yourself! Don’t forget to follow the link below to claim your BOGO coupon. This post is sponsored by MouCo Cheese Company, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own

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