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How to Attend (and Afford) the Best Denver Events!

It's Springtime in the Mile High City and that means that event season is kicking off! One of the best parts about living in Denver during the Spring/Summer months is that there is always something going on. We have so much to choose from including live music, Rockies games, comedy shows, or street festivals. How can you hit all of Denver's best events without breaking the bank? The answer is INWEGO!

What is INWEGO? Well, INWEGO is Denver's new favorite subscription and here's why: you pay a monthly subscription of only $39.00, which allows you access to Denver's best sports games, concerts, comedy shows, festivals and more! Your membership gives you a ticket to go to as many events you want to a month. You can go to 1 event or 10 events a month, it’s all covered in your membership. No additional ticket fees to worry about! INWEGO is already in Atlanta and Phoenix, but just became available in Denver recently. It is the perfect solution for a Denverite event-goer on a budget!

Of course, I tried it out because I wanted to see if INWEGO was all it is cracked up to be. I subscribed in late May and was able to attend a Rockies game (on Memorial Day) and Cocktails on the Rocks. First off, tickets to the Rockies game on Memorial Day were not cheap. We had awesome seats in Section 119, which I was pleasantly surprised about.

Cocktails on the Rocks is an event in Morrison, CO that features 40+ local distilleries and a ton of awesome vendors. It is an outdoor festival in a beautiful location, surrounded by foothills. There were so many creative and delicious cocktails to try, which I got to sample all for free with my INWEGO subscription.

So, I priced this out. I came to the conclusion that a ticket to the Rockies game would have been around $35 and a ticket to Cocktails on the Rocks would have been $55 (this is without fees). So, that means that I was able to attend $90 worth of events for only $39! And I’m not even done attending more events this month! That's when I realized that my INWEGO subscription is the key to having an awesome summer (and fall, winter and spring…) here in Denver.

Photo Credit: Visit Denver

Are you trying to hit all of Denver's best events without spending your whole paycheck? The Inwego subscription is what Denver's been waiting for! Still not convinced? Here's a tip to save even more: use my code MILEHIGHMUNCH while purchasing your subscription (before 6/30) to get 50% off. Try it out and let me know what you think! Click HERE to start your subscription today.

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