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The Hound - Local Eating House

The Hound is located just South of 6th Ave on St. Paul St. on the border of the Congress Park and Cherry Creek neighborhoods. It's a little bit of a hidden gem sitting just off the corner and next to rows of single family homes.

This spot used to be called "The Irish Hound" and was a dark dive bar that people visited for the drinks, not so much the food. Now under new management, you will see a complete change in the decor, vibe, and menu. The new look of this space truly reflects a comfortable but upscale vibe. The menu features American classics with a twist. For example, the Korean Fried Chicken.

This fried chicken dish is more than just fried chicken. They serve the dish with a side of sweet-chile peanut and red cabbage Kimchi. The meat is so tender and juicy, that you can tear it apart so easily. The fried batter isn't too greasy or heavy - it's light and airy and gives the perfect amount of crunch.

Another classic that you'll see on their menu is Shrimp & Grits. Again, this is a classic - but far from average. The shrimp are freshly grilled with creole seasoning and charred to perfection. The dish is served with a roasted tomato relish and sauteed spinach. The tomato and spinach add another level of comfort to this dish. The flavors of this dish mesh so well together.

Their spring menu will be available starting Monday, April 3rd and I was able to taste the Spring Scallop dish and it was phenomenal. The scallops are pan seared to perfection and it is served with a warm salad of roasted tomatoes and spring peas. The beautiful green underneath the scallops is a spring pea ricotta mash.

Their drink menu is just as creative. My favorite is the Raspberry Rattler. This drink is part vodka, part farmhouse ale, and part freshly made raspberry basil juice. They muddle the basil & raspberry in house. This drink is probably one of the most refreshing and delicious sips I've ever had. It's also beautiful, as you can see.

I recommend checking this place out. They have a daily happy hour and happy hour ALL DAY on Monday. Featuring food and drink specials, their happy hour is one of the best around. Whether you are looking for a quick drink/bite to eat or a large family dinner, this place is a safe bet. You will not be disappointed.

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