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Brava! Pizzeria

Brava! pizzeria is located inside Avanti Food and Beverage and also caters private events with their mobile pizza oven (truck). The founders, David and Tom are very passionate about what they do. Their goal is to show the beauty of simplicity in their food. Staying true to Southern Italian techniques, their pizza is truly authentic with a Denver twist - using locally sourced ingredients.

To start, I recommend trying their cheese boards. They come with imported cured meats, cheeses, and house-made focaccia. Their marmalades changes seasonally, but always compliment the cheeses beautifully. You literally cannot go wrong with these beautiful boards. Next, it's time for pizza.

I was privileged enough to be invited to create my own pizza at Brava! With Tom & David's help, I created the masterpiece above, from start to finish! It was an amazing way to truly learn the wood fire pizza making process from the inside, out. It's simple, yet complicated. Brava! also offers a selection of signature pizzas such as the "Fun Guy" and "The Queen". They also have a rotating Weekly Special, which is always creative & delicious.

And since I'm a fan of anything with Nutella in it, I freaked when I realized they serve Italian S'mores (pictured above). This dessert sold me. The Italian S'more is made up of two pizzelles (traditional Italian waffle cookie) stuffed with Nutella & marshmallow and then cooked over the wood-fire to make the most delicious (and messy) treat you'll ever have.

If for some crazy reason, you're not a fan of Nutella OR you're just looking for double the sugar... try the Tiramisu. It is PHENOMENAL and their house-made Chantilly is to die for.

You'll want to know Brava! Pizzeria because these guys will be blowing up. Keep your eye out for lots more to come from Brava! and in the meantime, go visit them at Avanti F&B, 3200 Pecos Street, Denver.

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