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Unique & Creative Sushi Rolls at this Hidden Gem

Osaka Sushi is located in the Belcaro neighborhood of Denver. It's hidden behind a shopping center with plenty of parking. The vibe when you walk in is authentic and cozy. I have sat both at the sushi bar and in the back room - you can't go wrong either way. That's because the food is delicious.

Osaka offers a list of creative chef's special rolls that offer a wide range of flavors and fish. They also have delicious sashimi. Their grill menu is large and features a lot of different options - including vegetarian.

My personal recommendations are:

For starters, how cute is this Gyoza Boat? They're delicious AND it's a frickin boat. Can't pass up food that's presented to me in

We decided to get the Denver Roll (left) and Dragon Roll (right) to start our sushi party.

The Denver Roll has all my favorite fish: yellowtail, crab, & tuna and is wrapped in a CUCUMBER! Yes, you heard me right - a cucumber. It's so light and refreshing. It paired well with the heavier Dragon Roll. The end pieces had little sprouts popping out and it looked like a little island like almost too cute to eat (see above).

The Dragon Roll was stuffed with crab tempura & cucumber then topped with avocado, unagi and masago. The flavor was so rich and the unagi was so fresh - it literally melts in your mouth. The layers of flavor also hits you - as you can taste each piece that is incorporated into this roll as you chew.

Left wanting more, we ordered the Bronco Roll. We thought we'd do it big. This roll is stuffed with calamari tempura, crab meat, & cucumber... then topped with spicy mayo sauce, unagi sauce, white sauce, spicy crab meat, tempura flakes and red tobiko. So rich and delicious - almost a desert roll in my opinion. The unagi sauce and tempura flakes add a sweetness to the roll that balances out the spicy.

The menu also features a bunch of beautiful looking deserts that I did not have room to try, but wish that I did.

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